what is scope of Digital Marketing Jobs: Opportunities, Roles, and Trends.

Before discussing available digital marketing jobs, we should understand digital marketing first. A few years ago, companies used to market their goods or services in different ways by using human resources. But these days, with the invention of the internet and social media services, every company wants to introduce its product quickly. Email, social media, web-based advertisement, Text messages, Audio and video messages, and different marketing channels are used for marketing the products.

“Digital Marketing promotes products or brands to connect with many customers through the Internet and other online communication channels.”

Digital Marketing Jobs

In traditional marketing, a person who attained a job in any corporation’s marketing department uses conventional marketing means. But nowadays, a marketer isn’t required to go door to door to advertise his goods or services being sold. He sits in his bedroom, opens his laptop, connects it to the internet, and performs the marketing duties assigned to him by his hiring firm. We can say that,

“A digital marketing job is work from home, in which a job holder advertises the goods on social media using internet facilities.”

Importance of Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing jobs changed the concept of traditional marketing jobs. The marketing activities aim to promote goods and services and get market share. In traditional marketing, corporations focus on human resources and advertise their goods door to door or by using printing, posters, wall chalking, radio, and television Media. Ads in Sunday newspapers, Sunday magazines, and unique advertising magazines were widespread means of traditional marketing. These marketing tools are undoubtedly available and still used to advertise products, but digital marketing changed the concept of advertisement and digital marketing jobs.

The concept of working from home changed business and marketing activities as well as marketing jobs. To communicate with their target audience and expected customers, digital marketing job holders perform marketing activities through social media advertisement, text messaging emails to consumers and other digital marketing tactics.

Scope of Digital Marketing jobs

Gone are the days when organizations hire traditional marketing staff to market their goods and services. It was also costly work because many employees were engaged in this department. Salaries were high for the team, so the marketing cost also went from 70 to 80% of the total cost of the products. Twenty years ago, 70% of the total cost of Pepsi Cola was marketing and advertisement expenses, and just 30% was the original cost of a Pepsi Cola regular bottle.

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Nowadays, organizations hire digital marketers from all over the world at low prices and advertise their products worldwide or in the specific area where they want to promote them. With each passing day, the scope and importance of digital and digital marketing jobs are increasing.

It is the progress digital marketing has made in the last decade, but what’s the scope of digital marketing and digital marketing jobs it in the future? That is a question that everyone has in his mind who wants to work on this platform.

Digital Marketing jobs from Employer’s perspective

Because social media platforms have become informational hubs for their users, people are more interested in selling and buying through these platforms. In traditional marketing, advertisements of products remain in limited areas only. Now, with the use of the Internet and social media services, products can be advertised all over the world.

Digital Marketing jobs from Employee’s/Marketer’s perspective

Since the last decade, 80% of the world has used internet services and social media platforms. Social media is the primary reason for increasing the use of Internet services. Because of this, digital marketing has gained a lot of importance. That is why the scope of digital marketing jobs has become especially important throughout the world and in Pakistan. The area of digital marketing jobs is increasing daily, every month and every year. With each passing day, online digital marketing jobs have become the backbone for freelancers and their country’s economy.

Scope of Digital Marketing jobs for a Freelancer

We know that a freelancer is a self-employed person who wants to sell his expertise to specific clients. In the traditional business environment, a freelancer only can do a job in his area or country. But if he wants to work with some big organization, then he must advertise his expertise on digital media platforms and have access to those organizations through a good platform. He can advertise his expertise and skills on Digital marketing platforms.

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High demand for digital marketing Jobs

What is the importance and demand for Digital marketing jobs or digital marketers? The answer to this heart-throbbing question is “of course a great.” With the advancement and broadness of the digital marketing industry, the demand for digital marketing jobs has also increased to a great extent.

In this competitive era of the business world, Businesses demand more customers and money to retain in the market. As more money a business earns, the chances of its survival will increase in the business industry. To improve its earnings by selling its products, an organization must advertise and market its goods and services in the best and most advanced ways. The most advanced method of marketing is digital marketing. That’s why digital marketers are more in demand.

Decades ago, Digital marketing jobs were scarcely found in the world. In the UK, a few thousand digital marketing jobs were available in 2018, but in 2021, this number increased upto 225,000 digital marketing jobs. And now its growth is about 23% per year after 2021.

USD 24.1 billion were the earnings from Digital marketing jobs in the financial year 2022-23. Also, in the financial year 2022-23, the UK digital marketing industry paid £25.84 billion to digital marketing job holders. It is expected that by 2027, there will be 6 billion Internet users, and then the demand for digital marketing and digital marketing jobs will increase incredibly.

According to a survey report by “LinkedIn,” In the USA, 860,000 digital marketing jobs were opened in the last financial year, and there was a shortage of 230,000 digital marketing jobs professionals. It shows the high demand for digital marketing jobs in the future. Business organizations clearly understand the importance of digital marketing in the present era. They know that without advertising goods and services on digital media, they can’t participate in this race. That’s why they are all focusing on digital marketing.

As a result, the Demand for Digital marketing jobs has a great future.

Digital Marketing Jobs

How can a person earn money online from digital marketing jobs? It is a frequently asked question by everyone. Because it is a time of technology and Internet advancement, someone with specific skills and expertise in some field can earn thousands of dollars in an online job or work from home every month. It’s a time of Digitalization, and it’s booming.

When discussing digital marketing’s earnings, we must know the different digital marketing jobs.

Here are some digital marketing jobs through which a person can earn money.

  • Content writing jobs
  • SEO expert jobs
  • Earning from Affiliate marketing jobs
  • Consultation services to the client jobs
  • Ads selling jobs
  • Social media manager jobs
  • Selling of Digi. Products jobs
  • YouTube Advertising Partnership jobs
  • E-commerce Specialist jobs
  • PPC campaigns jobs
  • Digi. Marketing jobs
  • Digi. marketing agency jobs

The mentioned jobs have an outstanding reputation and are famous for earning money. Here, I’m just writing their names. I’ll discuss them all briefly one by one in my upcoming article.

Digital Marketing Jobs List

Digital marketing jobs available on different platforms:

  • Director, Global Digital Marketing
  • Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing coordinator
  • Digital Marketing consultant
  • Acquisition specialist
  • Digital Marketing, Sr. Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing B2B Growth Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Operations manager
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Sales Executive, Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Outside Sales Rep.
  • Digital Marketing Communications officer
  • Digital Marketing Graphic designer

Digital Marketing Jobs Platforms

Digital marketing jobs are available on different online earning platforms and websites. Here, I’m talking about the most valuable and profitable platform.

Some Digital Marketing job platforms are:

  • Upwork
  • Amazon
  • MarketerHire
  • Maple
  • Brenton Way
  • GrowTal
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • com
  • Jooble
  • com
  • Flexjobs
  • LinkedIn
  • People per hour
  • 99designs
  • simply hired
  • Dribble
  • Servicescape


Digital marketing jobs play a crucial role in marketing and have increasing demand due to flexible working. Innovation in technology leads businesses to be more successful using digital marketing strategies. Seventy-eight per cent of the total number of Internet users research products available for sale on different marketing platforms. That’s why the scope of Digital marketing jobs has been extended to the great instance.


What is the digital market?

A place where people interact with each other through the Internet and other online communication channels to purchase and sell products and services or exchange information about the products and services being sold.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing promotes products or brands to connect with many customers through the Internet and other online communication channels.

What do you mean by digital marketing job?

A digital marketing job is work from home, in which a job holder advertises the goods on social media using internet facilities.

Which digital marketing jobs near me are available?

Available skills in digital marketing are SEO, PPC management, E-commerce, content writing, social media management, and ad posting. People with these skills can join a digital marketing platform and earn thousands of dollars.

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