How to Earn Money online in Pakistan

How can we earn money online in Pakistan? It is a question which everyone has in his mind. In this article we will discuss about online work and online earning platforms in Pakistan. Also we’ll discuss about the scope on online earning all over the world, and the basic need of the online clients.

Lets start earn money online from home:

There are two types of work. Firstly, we go to our office and work there from 8 am to 4 pm for 8 hours a day and six days a week. It is a traditional form of work. When we talk about a job, the concept of regular work/job arises in our brain. But in the 2nd type of work we never sit in our office, but do a job online through our computer system or mobile phone using internet facilities.

Online work didn’t require us to sit at a specific office to do a task assigned to us. We can work from our room or anywhere even, throughout the travelling in a bus or a car.

That is why online work has become a pillar of the economy for the whole world nowadays. We can perform every type of work by using our laptop. We can do our jobs online in every field of life, like Accounting, web design, Web development, Marketing, Selling, Purchasing, E-commerce, and Education. And can earn more money as compared to traditional jobs.

Scope of Online Work:

Nowadays, the world has become too fast. Everyone wants to do work very efficiently and quickly. Every business person wants to hire the best employees for his work to boost his business and overcome the risks of loss.

If he hires a good and expert man for the job, he will get more fruitful results from his business.

Moreover, through online work platforms, a business person can hire the best employees from all over the world.

From the Job seeker’s point of view, we can understand the scope of online work in this sense: a person has some extraordinary expertise, there is no work for him in his country, and he can’t travel to that country where he wants to sell his expertise, he can sell his job online. There is no need for a Visa in that country to get work there.

That’s why online work has a great scope these days in the whole world.

Earning from Online Work

The earning of a person from online work depends upon his skill level and his working hours.

Skilled professionals can earn as much money as they can think. If a person works but gives 3 to 4 hours a day for his work, then the earnings will also be according to his work.

But if a person has so many skills and works as hard as he can, the reward will be beyond his thinking. If he worked 8 to 10 hours per day at his initial level, he could earn more than $500 per month, and as a beginner, it is a good earning. I know so many people, who started online work as fun, but after a year, they resigned from their regular jobs, and now they give their full time to online work and earn as much money as they can.

According to an International survey report, in the last three years, from the total number of freelancers in the world, more than 60% are those who left their regular jobs due to their freelancing jobs.

There are five most important factors which can affect online earning:

  • Experience
  • Skills Level
  • Training and Education
  • Reviews on Delivered Work
  • Client’s Location

Online Work Platforms:

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E commerce
  • Online Tutoring

1- Freelancing:

The term freelancing is a very vast term. We cannot define it in a single word, phrase or sentence. Here, I’ll give you an idea of Freelance work in a simple and understandable form

Freelancing is a job or work in which a person works for a Client or company without becoming a permanent employee of the company. Freelancing is self-employment, in which a person delivers his service to a company/client on a project/contract basis without becoming a salaried worker of the company.

In this method, a freelancer sends a proposal for work to his client, and the client/company checks his profile/CV and work experience and hires him for a particular project. The freelancer works online through the internet on that project. After examining his work, the client paid him his fee/remuneration, which was decided between the freelancer and the client.

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“A person who offers his expertise and does work for the client on a project basis is called a freelancer.”

We also called him a self-employed Person. Mostly, a freelancer has a unique skill and always offers his expertise in that particular skill. Here, I’m not discussing Freelancing. That’s why I’m not going into in-depth coverage of Freelancing. I’d like to give an idea about freelancing concisely.

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Fields of Freelancing:

Here are some significant fields of Freelancing that freelancers use to earn good money.

  • Business Consulting
  • Accounting
  • Developing Apps
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Life Coaching
  • Marketing services
  • Programming
  • Teaching/Tutoring
  • Video Production
  • Project Management

2- Blogging:

Before understanding the concept of Blogging, we should know what a blog is.

The blog is an abbreviation of the weblog. The blog is an online journal page or informational website that displays information in such an order that the latest posts will appear first at the top. There are many reasons to write a blog, such as Blogging for business projects, sharing information, sharing ideas, or political views.


The process of writing the information about a particular topic is called Blogging.

Tools required for Blogging:

  • Good Internet connection
  • A laptop, PC or a Cell phone
  • A website to publish the blog
  • Domain name, SSL, Hosting (for website)
  • Good knowledge about the article.

3-   YouTube

These days, no one is unaware of YouTube. But most of the people needed to learn how to make money from YouTube. YouTube is a big platform to make money. A person can make a YouTube channel, make videos, upload them on YouTube, become a partner of YouTube, and earn money.

There are some points to earn money from YouTube

  • Join as a YouTube Partner.
  • Sell your ideas.
  • Create sponsored content.
  • Become a good affiliate partner.
  • Get your fans to pay you directly.
  • Use crowdfunding.
  • License your content to the media.

4- Digital Marketing

Before discussing digital marketing, we should understand marketing first.

Marketing is a tool that a company uses to increase selling of its products and services.

A few years ago, companies used to market their goods or services in different ways by using human resources.

But these days, with the invention of the internet and social media services, every company wants to introduce its product very quickly. Now, Email, social media, web-based advertisement, Text messages, Audio and video messages, and different marketing channels are used for Marketing products.

The promotion of products or brands to connect with a large number of customers by using the internet and other online channels of communication is called Digital Marketing.

Earning from Digital Marketing:

We can earn money by making our software like games or any other small application software. We can earn money by designing products like T-shirts, etc and advertising our products through digital marketing.

5- Affiliate Marketing

Aff. Marketing is a type of digital marketing. In digital marketing, what you are marketing can be yours or anyone else’s. But in affiliate marketing, you always market others’ goods or services to earn your commission.

The affiliate marketer does not need any investment to buy things. He advertises things through the media channel, and when he gets an order, he delivers the products to the customer directly from the company via courier and gets his commission.

These are some famous companies you can affiliate with to earn your commission.

  • Amazon
  • Ali Baba
  • Daraz

6- E-commerce

It is another excellent tool for making money online. We can say that commerce means trade. The selling and purchasing of finished goods and services is called trade or commerce. But when we use the word E commerce, it means that trade through online tools.

A person can advertise his goods or services on social media by using different tools. He can make his online stores like Amazon and Ali Baba.

Through E-commerce, the world has become a global village for selling and purchasing items and services.

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7- Online Tutoring:

earn money online

There are so many platforms for online teaching and earnings. If a person has enough knowledge about his subject and thinks that he can teach his subject practically, then he can earn a lot of money by teaching the students online.

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The famous online tutoring sites are:

  • TutorMe
  • Kaplan
  • VIPKid
  • Wyzant
  • Skooli
  • GoPeer
  • Take lesson


Earn money online in Pakistan is not a dream but a fact these days. A person having one of the skills mentioned above in the article can earn good money by working in his particular platform and expertise. Students also can make money online by doing online jobs with their studies. However, the basic requirement is to have a good knowledge of his selected field and good dealings with the clients.


How to earn money online in Pakistan?

There are many online work platforms. A skilled person can join one of the platforms to earn money. He can do jobs online in every field of life, like Accounting, web design, Web development, Marketing, Selling, Purchasing, E-commerce, and Education.

What is the scope of online work in Pakistan?

From the Job seeker’s point of view, a person with some extraordinary expertise finds no work for him in his country, and he can’t travel to that country where he wants to sell his knowledge; he can sell his job online. There is no need for a Visa in that country to get work there.

That’s why online work has a great scope these days in the whole world.

What are the most important factors that can affect online earning?

Five most important factors can affect online earning:

  • Experience
  • Skills Level
  • Training and Education
  • Reviews on Delivered Work
  • Client’s Location
How many Online Work Platforms?

There are 7 Online Work Platforms all over the world

1- Freelancing

2- Blogging

3- YouTube

4- Digital Marketing

5- Affiliate Marketing

6- Ecommerce

7- Online Tutoring

How many Freelancing Platforms do you use to earn money online in the world?

There are more than 20 big platforms all over the world for online work. The most important are:

Up work, Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, Peopleperhour, Toptal,, 99 designs

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